Here at XS Concrete we offer public paving services including:

  • Pier and beam
  • Waffle slab
  • Slab on-grade

Our team understands the immense importance of a strong, stable, and properly constructed foundation. We offer pier and beam foundation, waffle slabfoundation, and slab on-grade foundation. With the construction of a pier and beam foundation, there will be an incorporated crawl space which allows access to various utilities such as heating and plumbing. With pier and bean foundation there is less of a hazard of the incurring of damage overtime via ground shifting, etc.

Waffle slab foundation is site specific and works best with flatter sites, natural soils or controlled fill and land that has adequate surface strength. Waffle slab foundation works best on non-reactive and slightly reactive clay sites.

Slab on-grade is a simpler type of pavement best suited for areas where the ground isn’t likely to freeze, however it can be adapted via insulation with a frost protected method. Typically, this type of foundation is suited only
for level ground.

Once the correct foundation type has been determined by a licensed structural engineer, the experts here at XS Concrete will be eager to start your project. You can trust that you will be educated and updated throughout the entire construction process. With the use of high-quality materials and the most efficient methods with our privately-owned equipment we can ensure a happy client and a happy foundation. For your foundation needs, contact us today.